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What is a nursing home for seniors?


Colloquially, in Mexico, the Residences or Rest Houses for Older Adults are called Nursing Homes. An Asylum, Residence or Rest House for Older Adults is a place for people that require medical surveillance or specific care, which, in some cases, cannot be provided at their home due to some degree of dependency.


Among the people who can make use of a Nursing Home are people who require post-surgery care or who present temporary or permanent ailments such as Arthritis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc.


Today, paying full-time medical care at home for a sick elderly person costs an average of 22 thousand pesos per month plus indirect expenses, which makes it a difficult expense to pay.


That is why the reason why Nursing Homes exist, places where specialized staff can provide the necessary care and attention to a group of Seniors with a significantly lower cost, since, in practical terms, all the guests of a Nursing Home share the cost of care.

When should I look for a Rest Residence?

Due to various factors, we cannot always be in the care of our parents, grandparents or even brothers; there are diseases and situations that require specific and professional care that cannot be provided at home unless we hire a full-time nurse service.


Nursing Homes were created for this type of scenarios, where, for the welfare of our loved ones, it is preferable to leave them in a reliable place where they receive help and company every day.


Estancia del Bosque – Nursing Home is designed to offer the solution to these situations, it is a place where we can give the attention, care and time that your loved one requires.

What should I examine in a nursing home?

It is important to consider several factors when evaluating a Nursing Home. Your family member should get the best care, attention, and respect.


At Estancia del Bosque we know the importance of providing a quality service, so we provide you with a test with the most important questions that will help you make the best decision.




How many years has the Nursing Home been operating? How many families have had guests in it during these years?


Does the institution have any mission, vision and/or business values ​​that show their professionalism and congruence with their work?

Are they properly registered?

How is the area where the Rest House is located?

What is the maximum number of residents allowed?

Do they have enough staff to care for the residents?

Does the hired staff receive any type of training?

Are residents constantly supervised?

Do they have medical surveillance?

At night, who deals with an emergency?

Who administers the controlled medicines?

What occupational and physical therapy do they offer?

Are the visiting hours open?

How many meals are given daily? Do they use a purification system for water?

Check the amount of noise in rooms and in common areas of rest.

Check cleanliness of all areas of the nursing home and of the staff that works there.

Check the physical and emotional state of the residents. Are they clean, smell good and have short nails? Do they have clean shoes? Are they happy? What activities are they doing?

Check the rooms and, in particular, the beds: are there mattress protectors, are the sheets, blankets and pillows comfortable? Are they in good condition? how often is the bedding washed?

Is there some type of complaints and suggestions mailbox? To whom are the opinions of residents and family members sent?

Why choose Estancia del Bosque - Rest House?

For being a legally constituted company with all the necessary permits for its operation, and with more than 10 years of experience in the field.

Because more than 1,000 satisfied families have been our customers.

Because you can choose between 2 types of rooms.

Because we guarantee the adaptation of your loved one or the reimbursement of your money.

Because we have open hours for visits.

Because we have supervisors exclusively dedicated to quality control.

Because we give more complete services with things that are not offered elsewhere.

Is it a good decision to enter a Nursing Home?

Visiting hours open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, are proof of the quality and treatment of the services provided by a Nursing Home.


At Estancia del Bosque we guarantee that our guests are treated with respect and affection by all our staff. We are always attentive to the tastes, preferences, needs, and comments of residents and family.


If our guest seeks independence but at the same time want to feel accompanied, to have support but keep their privacy, to have activities in an environment of comfort, and live with all the comforts but without the hassles of taking care of the daily necessities and to live with the tranquility of having the support of a professional team, entering a Nursing Home is the right decision.

How is the process of adaptation for the guest?

Estancia del Bosque is a luxury Nursing Home where our guests receive a high quality of life than they could have at home.


Most of our residents achieve full adaptation before 3 weeks.


Every day our staff is responsible for covering their individual tastes and needs.


We have test plans that go from one to three months so that you are convinced that you are making the right decision.

Which residents are allowed?

We have 10 years of experience in the care of Self-Sufficient Seniors and Dependents.


We receive residents who seek to have a high quality of life and those who require permanent vigilance as well as residents suffering from age-related conditions: Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Senile Dementia, Post-Operated, Chronic Illness, Sequels of Vascular Brain Events, etc.


Our residents are located in a homogeneous environment in terms of their character, physical and psychological abilities.

What kind of rooms do you offer?

We have two types of rooms: individual or shared (two guests maximum), with or without a garden view.

Can you live as a couple?


Yes, we have plans so that a couple can live in a shared room of two people, whether the guests are a marriage or relatives.

Dr. Salvador González Herrejón #64, Col. Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 58020

Morelia, Michoacán



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